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Your partner for responsible asset retirement management.

We Are OneNexus Environmental

OneNexus Environmental “ONE” is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solutions provider that is focused on helping energy companies manage the risks associated the Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs) including the responsible decommissioning of assets.

We employ data science, operational know-how and innovative funding to unlock solutions for the the mitigation and compliance of the obligations related to decommissioning oil and gas assets.

ONE is comprised of experienced energy industry and finance professionals, backed by a network of premiere subject matter experts.

ONE provides a platform for oil & gas companies to mitigate the financial and environmental risks associated with Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs).

Onshore Solutions

We partner with onshore companies to assess, plan, insure, manage and responsibly source the execution of plugging, decommissioning and retiring of assets.

Offshore Solutions

Our collaborations with offshore solutions providers ensure the experience and reliability needed for the proper decommissioning or repurposing of assets.

As the Oil & Gas industry evolves, liabilities associated with asset retirement obligations are mounting. In a historically cyclical industry, ONE provides a platform to reduce the financial and environmental risk of these long-term obligations.

Proper planning, funding, repurposing, and resourcing allow us to bring solutions to our clients that are backed by data-science and years of experience in the energy industry.

We built our platform by integrating exceptional E&P expertise with the latest developments in data science and machine learning. This, coupled with ample capital reserves from investment-grade partners, enables us to efficiently retire assets at low costs and an unprecedented scale.

We are committed to working with our clients to achieve their ESG goals. Delivering significant cost savings allows timely asset retirement, which enables them to meet their ESG goals and standards.

Our solution aligns industry and public interests, and everyone is a winner!

Our Belief in Responsibility

OneNexus Environmental believes that an essential component of responsibly sourcing hydrocarbons is to properly plan for the eventual retirement and decommissioning of these assets at the end of their useful life. Our range of solutions offers assurance that asset retirement obligations will be properly funded and responsibly decommissioned.

We offer offshore decommissioning solutions in partnership with Bisso Marine.

Bisso Marine has been providing unsurpassed service and quality to the marine and energy industries since 1890.

Learn more about our custom solutions.

We provide custom options for your property or Asset Retirement Obligations.

We provide a range of services to help you meet your obligations and responsibly close your assets.

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